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Anonymous asked: people are allowed to watch what they want and support whoever they want

i didn’t say you couldn’t watch ice hockey or support the bruins. its just pretty sad when people are interested in something purely to be acknowledged as a fan rather than being a fan because they actually enjoy the sport. It’s a cool sport, I get it. I love playing hockey so i understand more than most how fun it is but lately it’s just another one of those online fad things that people get into because it’s cool to like it and its bloody irritating. I will admit Its pretty hilarious to watch some people pretend they’re devout fans of a team though! You can always tell those people from a mile off because they will always be the ones sitting in front of their tv taking selfies in the team kit which more than likely consists of bobble hat, jersey, foam finger and maybe even a flag on the wall in the background whilst still having no clue what the offside rule is.


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